Want the bargain of a life-time? Then get a friend to become a member at TinkerTank! You'll get a week free for every friend you get to sign up as a member for 2 weeks or more. 

Here's the deets: 

  • Up to 10 uses - i.e. 10 friends become members, you get 10 weeks free - $450 off!
  • The friends you bring must be a member for min 4 weeks for you to get your free week. 
  • Referred a friend? Get them to email us at info@tinkertank.com.au to let us know you referred them! Once they sign up, you get your freebie! 
  • You must also be a member prior to receiving the discount, i.e. if you get your friend to sign up, you'll also need to sign up as a member. Once two weeks has passed, you will receive your free week from the referral. 

Any questions, please get in contact!



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