Having trouble understanding how memberships work? Or simply just trying to let us know you won't be showing up? Easy! You've come to the right place.

Let's get the easy bit done first - letting us know you're not showing up: email us - info@tinkertank.com.au

Letting us know you won't be coming is important - especially if you don't want to pay pay for the session. Letting us know helps us manage staff, facilitators and more. So please do your best to keep us up to date. Because Memberships run on-going until you pause, this will come with an admin fee of only 5$/ week. This will ensure your spot for when you are ready to return. 

Now, memberships in general - how do they work? 

You pay $45/week for your weekly time slot at TinkerTank. For that money you're getting access to the best club-house in the country. We have 3D printers, Mac Computers, iPads, animation gear, LEGO Robotics, coding, 3D modelling and more. Best bit is, a membership entitles you to all of it.


  1. How many sessions a week does my membership give me? Each $45 session is one per week. This is a fully supported session with 1:5 staff ratio and access to our awesome equipment and breadth of experience.
  2. Can I change the time of my membership? In most cases - yes. The best way to organise this is by sending us an email at info@tinkertank.com.au
  3. Am I locked into a membership? No! You can start and stop whenever you like. Cancellations or pausing a membership for 5 or more weeks will require a 1 week notification. Skipping a week only required 48 hours notice.
  4. Is the pickup time strict? No, however, we do require pickup within 20 minutes of the session ending. Call 1300 670 104 whenever you know you're going to be late. A late fee of $15 is applied for every 30 minutes after the end of the session. See our fees policy.

If you have more questions, or need any help, please contact info@tinkertank.com.au

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