We want to be fair, for everyone. So here's how refunds and cancellations work at TinkerTank...


Our memberships are super flexible - pay for what you use is the goal. We understand that life happens - so if you need to skip/cancel a membership, here's our policy.

Please notify us in advance of any changes you'd like applied to your membership. 

For skipping a week or several weeks (up to 5) - just let us know at-least 48 hours in advance - you will not be charged for those weeks.

For cancelling a membership, we require a one week notice. From the moment you inform us of a cancellation, you will be charged for one more week and you have one more session left with us. After that, your membership is cancelled. 

The cancellation fee reflects the cost of the impact on staffing and schedules that may result from the change in numbers.

Refunds are offered only in the case that you have notified us more than 48 hours before your session that you will not be in attendance, but after you were charged for that weeks' session. 

Failure to notify us of any change to your attendance will result in a charge and no refund offered.

Please note: Memberships run through the holidays at their usual time. You will need to notify us if you wish to pause your membership. 

Clubhouse memberships and FRC FLL Jr.FLL Memberships can never be paused or refunded. They are on going as a commitment and can only be permanently cancelled.

Holiday Camps

Holidays are more straight forward - let us know 48 hours in advance that you cannot make a camp - and you've got yourself a cancellation and refund. Simple!

Anything less than 48 and greater than 24 hours notice will not entitle you to a refund, but will entitle you to camp credit if there is space available. There's little we can do in anything less than 24 hours notice. 

If you want to switch camp - we will need 48 hours notice to make the change to your camp day.

If you have any questions, please emailinfo@tinkertank.com.au

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